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Weighed 400g when he came in, but had mange and ringworm so badly, he lost all his spines and went bald. Look at him now! Although a stonking size, he can still curl and is ready for release. Just a bit camera shy...


Came in weighing just 71g, eyes not properly open. Very dehydrated and full of pee. Had saline and was fed with Esbilac. Successfully released along with the Needham 5 at the end of August last year.

The Needham 5

These were the Needham 5 that went with Troy. Full weight and healthy when they were released.


Came in to Poppy’s Creche on 6th December. He was suffering very seriously from lungworm and didn’t put on weight for a long time, even after completing treatment. But this year, after overwintering, he started eating, bulked up and now is nearly ready for release. He’s a very beautiful boy!

Little Bean

Found early November in a residential garden unmoving inside a feeding station, seemingly unable to eat and very cold. He looked like a juvenile (possibly sick), struggling as the weather turned cold. He was taken to Poppy’s Creche and put in one of our incubators to warm up. He was given saline and soon showed himself to be very hungry. The first faecal sample revealed that he had lungworm. He was treated successfully, overwintered at Poppy’s Creche, then released to the garden in which he was found, where feeding stations and water are be available. (Sorry - no photos)

Nest of babies

Ann got a call to rescue a nest of babies found at the base of a large tree that had been cut down. The mother had fled because of the disturbance and noise from the chainsaw. The caller waited overnight to see if the mother came back, but when she hadn’t, sought our help.
The nest was beautifully crafted out of dead leaves, and there were 5 babies in it. This is a photo of them just back at Poppy’s Creche before initial assessment and transfer to the large incubator. They all weighed in the region of 130g, with one slightly larger than the rest.

Dolores, Hedgie and Spike

Successfully released last week after treatment and overwintering with Poppy’s Creche.

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