When to rescue
a hedgehog...

If you spot a hedgehog in the spring, summer or autumn and it looks healthy then the best thing you can do is leave it alone. Hedgehogs are wild animals and so can get very easily stressed by human contact. However, if you find a hedgehog staggering around during the day or in winter then it might be in trouble.

Sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs are very susceptible to hypothermia. Staggering is a sign of hypothermia and so is ‘sunbathing’ as they spread themselves out in the sun in an attempt to get some heat into their bodies. If you find a hedgehog in this state they need your help quickly. Take them inside in a box and place a well-wrapped hot water bottle underneath them.

At around 4 weeks old, baby hedgehogs (= hoglets) start to venture out of the nest with their mothers. Occasionally one may come out of the nest in the day but will be busy searching for food and will then return to the nest. However, some hoglets, even newborns, whose mother has been killed will venture out of the nest in search of her. You are likely to spot these out in the day, they may be squeaking and there may be flies around them. These hoglets need rescuing as soon as possible because if the hoglets are left too long they may get maggots on them which will eat them alive.

The hoglets should be handled using gloves (so your smell does not get on them) and placed on a covered hot water bottle and then covered with a small towel. If you only find one do have a look for more.

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Any hedgehog seen out in daylight will need URGENT help (a nursing mother may be seen out and about during the day but will be walking/running ‘with purpose’. Be sure this is not the case as if you ‘rescue the mother any babies she’s feeding will die.)

Hedgehogs do NOT lie out sunbathing

Any cut or wound on a hedgehog is urgent.

Any hedgehog with flies on it or maggots crawling on it needs VERY Urgent help

Any Hedgehog limping or walking strangely needs help.

Anything that looks very thin or wobbly or has bald patches or missing spines.

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